How to Create a Video Product

Add a video as a Product to a current Project or follow the steps below to create a new Project.  

Creating a Project

Projects allow you to group all related products together in Workstation. For example, a digital album, single and physical product for a release would be a part of the same Project. To create a Project, follow these steps.

Create a Video Product
  • Input your project metadata and click Create Project. Please note that the Project Code must be unique for each project that you create. 
  • Add notes related to the entire project, such as release level production notes, artist information, artistic direction and more in the Project Description.
Create a Video Product
  • Add Marketing Highlights to provide global or territory-specific marketing information to support the sales positioning of your Project.
  • Click Save Marketing Highlights.
Create a Video Product

Creating a Product

Products are a singular release, such as an album, video, or single. Once you’ve created a project, follow these steps to create a product. 

  • Click + New Product.
  • Select the Video Product Type
  • Select Create Video Product.
Create a Video Product

Video Setup

  • Upload your video by dragging the file, selecting browse, or upload from cloud services .
  • You may review a detailed list of the video file requirements by selecting See Video Requirements
Create a Video Product
  • Upload will begin followed by Validation. 

* Validation is ensuring your video meets requirements and determines if any technical adjustments need to be made. This could varying amounts of time depending upon file size and internet connection. Scroll down to begin entering metadata in the meantime.

  • Once your video has completed Validation a preview will be generated
Create a Video Product
  • Test your video and select Edit to pick choose your Thumbnail as needed
  • Determine your 30 Second Preview by setting a preferred start time. This will be used on applicable services.
Create a Video Product


  • Enter Basic information as it pertains to your video release.
Create a Video Product

* Make sure to Save along the way


  • Enter Content information as it pertains to your video including Language, Genre, Subgenre, Parental Advisory settings and Keywords/Tags.
Create a Video Product
  • Continue entering your metadata including Rights, Contributors and select your Release Date.
Create a Video Product

* Note: the only time this release would not be “new” is if this video is already available elsewhere.

Distribution Options

  • Your videos can be delivered to any service provider to which The Orchard delivers video. If you are a partner of The Orchard’s Multi-Channel Network you will see your partnered channel listed in the YouTube/Vevo Channel dropdown, or you have the option to deliver to The Orchard Music channel.
Create a Video Product

If you would like your video delivered to a new Vevo channel or a YouTube channel that is not partnered, note the channel URL in the special instructions field and discuss with your label manager. Remember, it takes time to create and partner channels, so allow at least 10 business days lead time to do so.

Create a Video Product

Submitting For Approval

  • Once your metadata and video upload are complete, select Save and Review
Create a Video Product
  • After checking all details are correct, select Submit for Approval and your video will be reviewed for distribution.
Create a Video Product
  • If your product meets all requirements and is approved, the product status will update to ‘Complete’ and your video will be set for delivery. 
  • If there are any issues with your product, the product status will change to ‘Action Required’. You will also receive an email outlining any changes you need to make to meet delivery requirements.
  • Once required changes have been made, you can re-submit your product for approval.